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Let’s Connect Training:

In partnership with SAMHSA, the Evidence-Based Practices Training Initiative expands community capacity to provide evidence-based, trauma-informed interventions and practices being delivered within the human service systems that serve youth and families. We offer comprehensive trainings, consultation and implementation supports to organizations in several evidence-based treatments (e.g. Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Alternatives for Families Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). We have recently added training and consultation for Let’s Connect as it is now recognized as a Promising Practice by SAMHSA’s National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative. We have trained over 3500 mental health and related professionals (e.g., child welfare, legal/judicial, education) throughout the United States since 2009. LINK TO EBPTI

We use interactive training techniques and offer ample opportunity for skills practice.  The training team also has experience delivering Let’s Connect to over 200 families.

For Family Providers and Mental Health Professionals:

Two-day, in-person training is required to deliver Let’s Connect to families.

During the in-person training, attendees will:

1.     Learn about the Let’s Connect model and skills

2.     Practice Let’s Connect Skills through role-play/vignettes

3.     Receive coaching and feedback on use of Let’s Connect Skills by trainers/consultants

4.     Learn how to track caregivers’ skill acquisition and use

Ongoing case consultation is highly recommended and strongly encouraged; Implementation science research suggests that training alone does not result in therapist practice change, but that the inclusion of ongoing consultation does promote therapist adherence to the treatment model and skill use (Beidas, et al., 2012). Given our current capacity for training, we will prioritize training for groups that also commit to ongoing consultation for trained clinicians.

Let’s Connect case consultation is offered to training participants in twice-monthly, one-hour video/web meetings.  The consultation package includes 12 one-hour consultations, and it is expected that participants attend all meetings.  Web consultation offers an opportunity for interactive, small-group learning and case presentations.  Your Let’s Connect Consultant will answer questions related to implementation of LC with your cases and help you to tailor your delivery of LC for the unique needs of the families you serve, while maintaining fidelity to the model.

For Parents/Caregivers and Communities:

Let’s Connect Trainers often provide shorter (typically half-day) presentations for broader audiences (e.g. parents/caregivers, child welfare professionals, educators, academic researchers and other child/family-serving professionals) to build awareness of the Let’s Connect model.  Presentations are tailored to the audience.  Focus areas can include: the theory and research that supports the LC model, practical applications, and/or a light introduction to the skills.

Please contact us to inquire about training opportunities, training costs and/or to learn more.