Monica Fitzgerald, PhD, Co-Developer - Let's Connect

Monica is a natural leader whose abundant energy and deep wellspring of optimism inspire everyone around her. Her sense of humor and down-to-earth approach has endeared her to the many practitioners, parents and children she has served. A true collaborator, Monica welcomes opportunities to form alliances within multidisciplinary teams. As one of the developers of LC, Monica has contributed her dedication to scholarship to understanding the impact of adversity and trauma on children and their families. This translation of research to practice enlivens Monica and she truly embodies the scientist-practitioner model. Monica works as a Senior Research Associate  at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Kimberly Shipman, PhD, Co-Developer - Let's Connect

Kim has contributed her clear and pragmatic worldview coupled with an ability to think systemically about the opportunities for change that naturally reside within us. Early on, Kim contributed foundational research that confirmed the powerful role that parents play in modeling social and emotional competence for children. Our concrete and systematic coaching for caregivers is grounded in Kim's intuitive wisdom, this foundational research, and her vast expertise as a trainer of evidence-based practices. Kim leads with a deep respect for the potential and uniqueness that every individual has to contribute. Kim works as a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Jessica Gorrono, LCSW, Director of Outreach - Let's Connect

Jessica is a utility player on the team and is involved in many aspects of LC, from development, to speaking and training. She is passionate about this work because she has seen firsthand the power LC offers caregivers in establishing and maintaining meaningful connections with children and youth. As a licensed clinical social worker with expertise in child trauma, mental health, program management and systems work, Jessica brings a breadth of experience to the team. She carries this broad base of knowledge into every new situation and can access a wide range of resources that contribute to her versatile leadership style. Jessica works as a Lead Mental Health Consultant at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Marcela Torres, PhD, Director of Evaluation - Let's Connect

A clinical child psychologist, Marcela is involved in content development, training and supervision, coaching and implementation, research design, evaluation and publication of findings. She is passionate about bringing LC to communities to promote healthy development and create emotionally safe environments in which children and families can thrive. Marcela's commitment to community outreach involves implementation of LC to create trauma sensitive schools. Marcela oversees data collection and program evaluation efforts to ensure fidelity across settings and various applications. Marcela works as a Research Associate at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Lucianne Hackbert, PhD, Creative Director - Let's Connect

As a co-developer of LC, Luci worked to refine and organize the LC materials into a multi-layered platform to support children and the adults who care for them. Luci has a unique talent for seamlessly guiding interactions so that participants feel supported and engaged in their own growth and healing. She designs curricula to address the whole system while being sensitive to the unique contributions of each individual within the group. She sees that our longing for connection has the potential to awaken new depths of compassion and courage as we meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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