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 How is Let’s Connect Delivered?

Let’s Connect involves individualized training, skills modeling and live support for skills practice for caregivers of children and youth.  Let’s Connect takes approximately 8-12 weekly sessions. Caregivers and youth both participate in Let’s Connect sessions.

Let’s Connect can be delivered alone as a preventive intervention (individual or group formats) for all families, including families experiencing significant parenting challenges.  Let’s Connect can also be used as a strategic enhancement to existing evidence-based child and family mental health interventions to enhance the supportive quality of the caregiver-child relationship, build caregiver’s communication skills, and increase treatment engagement. 

Let’s Connect skills are taught to parents/caregivers using several methods:

  • Direct instruction and discussion

  • Role play

  • Live, guided skills practice including coaching of parent-child interaction

  • Self-reflection

  • Guided mindfulness & wellness practices