Therapists who understand trauma and its impact are better equipped for providing family-based interventions. 

We offer therapists behavioral tools and strategies to teach and coach the emotion-focused skills adults need to be attuned and responsive to children. By focusing on connection, emotional support, and effective coping, we help families develop resilience. The Let's Connect skills are helpful for all families, but are particularly important for children and families who have experienced extreme stress, adversity and trauma. We teach therapists how to use Let's Connect skills to help families skillfully navigate intense feelings and challenging conversations that are at the heart of effective family treatments. 

We serve therapists, mental health professionals and care providers.

We teach therapists and care providers how to integrate our evidence-based tools into their contexts of care so that the adults they work with (parents, caregivers and other service providers) feel confident and are competent talking about any and all topics, including children's everyday experiences, common challenges families face, and even traumatic life events. We use a structured approach to help professionals build caregivers' capacity to provide emotional support and strengthen the adult-child connection while also addressing challenging child behaviors. 

We offer training, consultation, and implementation support for professionals:

We are building a Trauma Center of Excellence in Colorado.

In October, 2016 we received $2 million from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration

The primary goal of this 5-year partnership with Boulder Mental Health Partners is to build evidence-based trauma-informed care throughout integrated medical and behavioral health systems in Boulder and surrounding counties. We plan to increase the use of evidence-based trauma treatment throughout Colorado and the United States. Clinicians will receive training to deliver Let’s Connect as a stand alone prevention program and a strategic enhancement to other trauma-based treatments for youth and families at local and national levels. 

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