Communities that nurture children and families are investing in the future as these children develop into contributing members of society. 

As contributors to the Colorado Prevention Network we apply prevention science to get ahead of the behavioral health issues that impact our communities. Our Let's Connect program is applicable on the ground with community change agents (mentors, coaches, faith leaders, etc.) to use the strategies and build successful connections with children and families. We provide ongoing coaching in the Let's Connect skills and also offer consultation with community leaders on the impact of trauma, how to best foster mental health and creative ways to integrate prevention science into communities.

We serve community agencies and organizations that support children and the adults who care for them.

We partner with the change agents on the ground making a difference in the lives of children and youth including mentor programs, after school and summer programs, athletic programs, faith-based organizations, and community centers. We partner with child advocacy groups, juvenile justice programs and child welfare organizations. We believe in creating a web of support around children by enabling as many positive points of contact in a child’s day as possible. This work begins by developing a culture of care necessary for children's social and emotional competencies to develop. We offer training, consultation, and implementation support for leaders and change agents to use Let’s Connect. We work collaboratively with you to develop a delivery plan that supports your culture.

We want to learn what works for your organization.

We develop an evaluation plan with your team to ensure that outcomes can be documented within your setting and to support your efforts to sustain change. We are committed to building a body of evidence that supports the use of Let's Connect as an established approach for fostering resilience in families, schools and communities. 

Contact us to talk about bringing LC to your community.