Schools that feel safe and supportive have more engaged students and healthier teachers.

We work with schools to build a whole-school approach to social and emotional learning by supporting the health and well-being of everyone in the school. Our focus on self-care starts with the adults, but extends to the health and wellness of students. We help schools to become trauma-informed and sensitive to the impact of violence and trauma. Our Let's Connect program is designed as a universal prevention program for all students, educators and staff and is inclusive and respectful of under-served populations. 

Our approach to training and consultation is tailored for each district or school to best meet the needs and demands of every unique setting. 

We offer training, consultation, and implementation support for schools to promote social and emotional learning and build trauma-sensitive environments.  We typically encourage school-wide exposure to the Let's Connect program to develop a common foundation necessary for a safe and supportive school climate.  Our approach begins with a readiness assessment and ongoing implementation support and fidelity monitoring are important aspects of what we offer schools. 

We have developed a Train-the-Coach model for our work in schools. 

This people pyramid shows the impact that this approach can have across a school system.