We serve schools. 

We offer training, consultation, and implementation support for schools to promote social and emotional learning and build trauma-sensitive environments. We typically encourage school-wide exposure to the Let’s Connect program to develop a common foundation necessary for a safe and supportive school climate. This foundation of trust paves the way for social and emotional competence to become part of the school culture. Our approach to training and consultation is tailored to each school to best meet the needs and demands of each particular setting.  

  • In-person training to provide educators and school staff with a comprehensive understanding of Let’s Connect as well as hands-on opportunities to practice the Let’s Connect strategies. Training is highly interactive, engaging, and focused on live skills practice (e.g., live-demonstrations, role play, small group skills practice). Training can occur all-at-once during in-service training periods or it can be delivered in shorter modules to small groups throughout a semester. For schools interested in trauma-sensitive environments, the Let's Connect training supplements school-wide trainings in trauma-informed care.
  • Consultation to provide ongoing support as school staff, educators and school-based professionals use the Lets’ Connect strategies. Consultation can be provided in-person or via web-based conference calls that take place over the course of a school year in a way that best fits staff schedules. These groups are typically based on natural groupings in the school (e.g., all fifth grade teachers). Consultation focuses on supporting educators and staff with day-to-day real life implementation in their classrooms or other school contexts (e.g., lunch room, playground) and skills practice. 
  • School-based parent education to train school-based mental health professionals to offer Let’s Connect groups for caregivers, parents, and families at your school. 
  • Sustainability planning to include in-depth training and support for identified school staff to become in-house Let’s Connect coaches to promote successful implementation and program sustainability.